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institut für zukünfte

The institut für zukünfte (ifz) consists of different people with common ideas about possible desirable futures. The self-conception as global citizens promotes a global coexistence of people, animals and plants, a coexistence worth living in and mutual appreciation. A systemic way of thinking and the recognition of complexity accompany our actions.

our vision.

The ifz creates attention and scope for reflection for social topics and their future-oriented orientation and in this context prepares information and makes it available in various formats. This should correspond to a collaborative learning process in order to grow as a society. In addition, it designs practical concepts in a holistic approach and tests them as alternative future ways of living.


our mission. 


Today's world is characterized by social, ecological and technological challenges. The ifz would like to promote reflective, forward-looking thinking and action and thus actively participate in shaping sustainable change (socially, culturally, economically).



The institut für zukünfte questions the current situation and tackles the challenges of the future both with openness towards innovations and with conscious promotion of exnovations (opposite of innovation = abolition of processes, structures, products that are no longer effective or up-to-date).

At ifz the discovery of self-efficacy, in small and large contexts, plays a central role. In addition to individual and collective actions, the ifz also wants to use systemic and structural layers for change. Change starts with the self and can then be transferred to collectives or society and structures.

"futures" is less a spelling mistake and more a conviction of the ifz. At the ifz, skills such as Futures Literacy & Transformation Literacy are to be extracted from academic discourse and made more accessible with the help of participatory design. This opens up the opportunity to think in different future scenarios and developments and to shape action in the present. This is might be easier for some people than others. The people who founded the ifz continuously work on reflecting on themselves and becoming aware of their privileges and imagined categories. In addition, the ifz would like to work on topics with teams that are diverse and have different opinions. The ifz considers it important to listen to people and give a voice to those who are less frequently heard due to social structures.

Complex problems and solutions.

The ifz deals with complex problems with a global perspective and seeks practical orientations in order to be able to act locally. In order to do justice to the complexity, systemic and holistic approaches to solutions are sought. The ifz follows an open-ended approach; this means that as many possibilities as possible are considered in advance and the seemingly impossible is not excluded. Results are not final states, but contestable and changeable. This sounds complicated but that's how it is!

Editor's note:
One of the complex problems we have encountered is this text about ourselves. It is in a state of constant change, may change in a few days and is a transformation in action.

the team


Linda - Chief of creative Solutions  


Have you ever been to the Urban Garden? The bed that is greening the most is definitely Linda's! With her well-trained green thumb and lots of passion, she makes every workshop bloom and is the heart of every team effort. Through her creative solutions and reflective questioning, she maintains vision and is well rooted in the ground of fact. She transforms the fruits & vegetables of any work into a magical feast for the eyes with her cooking creations. She never keeps her recipes for success to herself, but wants to make the world easier for all dear people with her experiences and bring a smile to their faces.


Maike - Design Director and expert in kitchen philosophy


Maike is the newest member of the core team of the institut für zukünfte - but she is in no way inferior to the "old hands"! With her verve and passion, she has already driven numerous projects forward and enriched every workshop with her perspectives. Her passion can be felt especially in design and communication topics, where she shines with new ideas and lots of creativity. And we also owe our website in particular to her and Daniele's commitment. Maike is not only wonderful to work with in workshops, but also to talk about society and world affairs with a glass of wine after work. And if that wasn't enough, her homemade baguettes are also a tasteful dream. We are very happy to have our design expert on board!


Daniele - Head of Brand / Strategy Development and man of Network


Our pioneer who develops visionary strategy concepts from scientific analyses. Together with his joy in building networks, trend-setting project ideas emerge. From his and Leonie's creative ideas the institut für zukünfte was born. His hunger for knowledge is impressive. For this reason, studying is a way of life for him ..... And he also finds enough time for his other hobbies like jogging and yoga. His (life's) goal of wanting to shape futures will positively change socio-ecological awareness and transformative action in society.


Raffaella - Head of research and vegan recipes


Making sound knowledge accessible to others - that is one of her many passions. Whether it's a new study or an interesting social app, Raffa enriches us every day with new information that she generates, among other things, from the master's program in Sustainability Management at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. In addition to a full-time study and job, she dances and sings and is passionate about and volunteers for local clubs. From gardening to vegan recipes, Raffa always has tips for a sustainable everyday life. What's cool about her is that Raffa is a theoretical and philosophical thinker as well as an operational implementer all in one. Accordingly, you can really learn quite a lot from this brainiac.


Achim - Head of Finance and life experience


Have we considered everything? Are there invisible points that have not yet been considered? Achim has already encountered and cleared some hurdles in his employee and entrepreneur life. He helps us not to fall for the same things. He also knows how to slow down the sometimes overconfident herd with his wise eye and focus on the important issues. Achim brings an openness to new topics that is extraordinary and is not afraid to question his previous truth and find new answers and reinvent himself. Even if his departure from professional life is still a little way off, he plans to improve the world with the ifz from then on at the latest (no more and no less).


Leonie - CEO / Chief of getting things done


With many ideas, the courage and the motivation to implement them, the institut für zukünfte started with and through Leonie. Her creativity ensures that countless ideas and thoughts in her head are just waiting to be put into action. She does this tirelessly during her full-time studies in Transformation Design at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. Due to Leonie's numerous projects (and the corresponding Instagram pages), it sometimes feels like her day must have more than 24 hours. She not only supports the ifz in the implementation of the projects, she also represents it at numerous appointments and still always has an open ear for any personal concern.


Matti - Chief Happiness Manager and Critical Thinking


What would the ifz be without Matti? Matti's calm voice of reason, critical questioning and reflection can be heard in discussions, pondering over new ideas and in tricky projects. With this, he has untied many a knot in our heads and triggered a great "aha" moment for us. Even during phone calls, Matti's calm and level-headedness seems to be palpable. Besides ifz, Matti is a sports enthusiast: table tennis, soccer, jogging, and the list can go on and on. Matti is not about winning, but about community, cohesion and cooperation. He keeps his eye on the action and intervenes where necessary. With these trained skills he also enriches the ifz, thank you for that Matti! So what would the ifz be without you? We can't imagine, and fortunately we don't have to.


Miriam - Expert for Aesthetics in life


Miriam combines two valuable qualities with her knowledge as a marketing and communication expert and her great commitment to our projects. She shows her extraordinary flexibility not only in our joint work, but also in occasional Twister game evenings! At the ifz, she plays a decisive role in both the strategic orientation and the operational implementation of projects. And when Italian vocabulary or fashion tips are needed again, Miri is always on hand with good advice.

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