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day 1

Your good start to the day

In today's podcast episode you will find out why the first hour of the day is so crucial and how you too can establish new morning rituals.

Tag 1 - Dein guter Start in den Tag
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Here you will find the morning rituals from the podcast as well as other methods to read again:

  • Morning meditation

  • Gentle yoga or bed yoga

  • Stretching and stretching the entire body (e.g. while still in bed)

  • Drink 500ml of warm tea or water

  • Write morning pages

  • A morning walk in the fresh air

  • Massaging the earlobes (method from Far Eastern healing art for a better flow of energy)

  • Smile at yourself in front of the mirror and wish you a good day

  • Switch off the smartphone and move it to another room

If you prefer to read, you can find the written version of the audio guide here:

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